Halloween 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This year started off with Ava wanting to be a fairy. Completely adorable! But one day when I was changing out the trash can, she realized she could maybe fit inside of it and that it could be sort of like a costume. Which bloomed her idea to be a trash can for Halloween.

I had begun designing a New York City trash can, complete with the NYC Sanitation and Doe Fund stickers, when she changed her mind to a rainbow spider.

After a little bit of Pinterest-ing, I realized this could totally be done.

I bought some black leggings and a black shirt and then got four pairs of rainbow striped socks. I also picked up a rainbow tutu.

From there, I stuffed four of the eight socks with Polyfil stuffing and then cut open the seams on the shirt and leggings and inserted the end of the socks (one on each side of the shirt and one on each side of the pants), then sewed them in place.

I took the other four socks and cut the bottoms off and used those to put on Ava's arms and legs. Then I took two of the sock bottoms, cut it open and tied them to hair ties, so she could wear them in her hair as bows.

I got Ava dressed into her costume and then tied the legs together with elastic. This part I toyed with on various levels - from sewing string inside, to using rainbow or black ribbon, to using clear fishing line and even to cutting a huge spider web and sewing it onto the back of her shirt as well as the legs. Ultimately the elastic won due to it being easy and quick! It also worked out well since Ava had to wear her costume twice - she got tangled a little bit!

In a day and age where most costumes are store bought (that's what we did the last three years!), it's nice to be able to make a unique costume. This idea was completely hers and we went full force with it. She was definitely the hit of her Halloween party and of trick or treating down the streets of Manhattan!

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