DIY Sun Spinners

Monday, March 7, 2016

Window charms. Charmies. Sun spinners. Uh...beads and pipe cleaners! You can call them what you like! I couldn't think of a perfect name so I went with Sun Spinners because it's cute :)

It's been pretty cold here so we went to Michael's a few weekends ago and got lots of craft stuff. We got stickers, birdhouses (yes really!), googly eyes, puff-balls and loads of other things but best of all was our beads.

I decided to use pipe cleaners and string the beads on. This was a really cute craft to do with Ava because she is old enough now that she knows not to put them in her mouth. On that note, I would advise this craft for 3+. It's also no-mess and great for Fine Motor Skills!

- Creatology Beads (similar here)
- Creatology Glitter Stretch Cord (similar here)
- Generic pipe cleaners

We just made a loop at the end and I coiled them around my finger to make them spiral. We used the clear glitter string (or you could use something more like fishing line) and hung them at all different lengths in Ava's window. So simple and so cute!

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