Two Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I've been coaxing Ava into doing crafts with me for a while now. She's not usually super into it (pray for me for the future) but we usually get through it.

This past weekend she was feeling a little down. Friday and Saturday she had an almost 102 fever so we laid low and let things work themselves out. On Sunday she had no fever but was still a little cranky and coughing, so we stayed in again and I opted for some crafts.

With both of them being simple and no mess, we decided to do two during the day and they both came out so cute. You could honestly do whatever shapes you want - ornaments, snowmen, snowflakes...the possibilities are endless! Looking back I probably shouldn't have done two Christmas tree crafts, considering we still have this one we did last year...maybe a little diversity in our house couldn't hurt!? Those trees were just so easy to draw and cut. 

For the first ones, I laid out the contact paper first and then took Christmas tissue paper and cut it up into small squares and let Ava put them all over. I then laid another piece of contact paper on top (a little tedious!) and cut out the trees. We hung these in our window since the sun shining through made them look really cool!

For the second ones, I found a bunch of Christmas cards in the basement of our building near the garbage. Being the garbage-picker that I am, I scooped them up and sure enough a week later they found themselves at the hands of my crafting. You could use anything though...prints from the computer, construction paper, etc.

I cut them up into little rectangles and then put glue all over a huge piece of card stock. When Ava (and myself...) had finished, I let it dry, put a big piece of clear contact paper over it (sort of like a laminate) and then cut out the trees and put them up in our kitchen. 

So easy. Perfect for toddlers and can be reused year after year. 

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